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Who We Are

The Upper Ojai Search Search and Rescue team (OJAISAR), is a nonprofit, volunteer organization formed in 1951 to provide the Ventura County Sheriff's Department with a group of highly trained rescuers for the Ojai Valley. The OJAISAR team is uniquely qualified to locate, render aid, and provide expedient services to persons in distress; to minimize loss of life, injury, and property damage; and to provide recovery services as needed, always with concern for the safety of all parties.


The Upper Ojai Ventura County Search and Rescue team consists of approximately 28 volunteers skilled in search and rescue operations in mountain, canyon and urban settings. The team volunteers on average about 3,000 hours per year on searches, rescues, training and public events.

The Upper Ojai team provides assistance and support to the other county SAR teams and other agencies as requested and approved by the Ventura County Sheriff's department. The Upper Ojai team is capable of responding outside of Ventura County and has assisted in search and rescue operations throughout the State of California. Please see our mission log to see what we've done recently in our community.

There are seven SAR teams throughout the County of Ventura. Three are mountain rescue teams, based in Upper Ojai, Fillmore and Thousand Oaks. The county also has a dive team for underwater rescues and recoveries, a medical team that provides medical aid, a Mounted Volunteer Patrol and a canine team.